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Art Effects Productions

Art Effects Productions historical notes.


MURDER MEDIUM RARE by Eileen Moushey
performed at the Cafe Cimino, Sutton, WV
June 9, 10, 16, 17, 2000

Carolyn Hailey as Marjorie Richmond
Mike Shartiger as Jeffry Quinlan
Jeff Hudkins as Chef Roberto Di Napoli
Leah Heater as Kimberly Allen
Trichia Robinson as Blanche Reardon
Kevin Carpenter as Milton Floog
Jim Walker as Detective Joe Carmen
Dana Cogar as Detective Hank Miranda
Melody Urbanic as the Hostess

Director: Jim Walker

Stage Manager: Emilee Wilson
Assistants: Emilee Wilson, Karl Humphrey, Leski Tompkins, Ann Herwalt, Brittany Robinson

2000-2001 Season

pteroPTERODACTYLS by Nicky Silver
performed at the Landmark Studio for the Arts, Sutton, WV
September 22, 23, 29, 30, 2000

Gabriel Hopen as Todd Duncan
Cicely Bosley as Emma Duncan
Dean Hart as Tommy McKorkle
Jessi Gormezano as Grace Duncan
Dana Cogar as Arthur Duncan

Director: Jim Walker

Set Construction: Chris Urbanic
Stage Manager: Emilee Wilson
Sound: Ann Herwat
Lights: Karl Humphrey
Stage Crew: Mike Cowger, Justin Frame, Teddy Richardson

emvin VINCENT by Leonard Nimoy
OF FRECKLED HUMAN NATURE by Jean Battlo. Edited by Jim Walker and Lydia Mong
performed at the Landmark Studio for the Arts, Sutton, WV
December 8, 9, 15, 16, 2000

Dana Cogar as Theo/Vincent in "Vincent"
Lydia Mong as Emily Dickinson in "Freckled"

Director: Jim Walker

Stage Manager: Heidi Sowa
Lights: Cicely Bosley
Sound: Tristan Thomas
Crew: Teddy Richardson, Jerry Losh, Karl Humphrey
Box Office: J.D. Hosey




performed at the Landmark Studio for the Arts, Sutton, WV
May 18, 19, 25, 26, 2001

Lydia Mong as Lizzie Borden
Steve Sanders as Andrew Borden
Merleen Campbell as Abby Borden
Trilce Townsend as Bridget "Maggie" Sullivan
Mary Ross as Alice Russell
Kathy Walker as Emma Borden
Eric Connor as Ned Hamilton
Kevin Carpenter as Millard Stevenson
Jeff Hudkins as Oren Daniels

Director: Jim Walker

Stage Manager: Dana Cogar
Assistant Stage Manager: Troy Bowgren
Crew: Karl Humphrey
Properties: The Cast
Lights: Cathy Diegan
Sound: Shanti Hamburg
Set Design: Jim Walker
Set Construction: Chris Urbanic, Ben Harman, Matt Gentile
Program/Poster: Lydia Mong

lieA LIE OF THE MIND by Sam Shepard
performed at the Landmark Studio for the Arts, Sutton, WV
June 8, 9, 15, 16, 2001 (Click here to see photos from this show.)

Jason Bookheimer as Jake
David Spencer as Frankie
Kassi Hines as Beth
Tristan Thomas as Mike
Lydia Mong as Lorraine
Cicely Bosley as Sally
Malcolm Ross as Baylor
Mary Ross as Meg

Live Music by Elaine Joyce Wine

Director: Jim Walker

Stage Manager: Troy Bowgren
Assistant Stage Manager: Mary Ross
Crew: Eric Connor
Properties: The Cast
Lights: Shanti Hamburg
Set Design: Mary Ross, Jim Walker
Set Construction: Malcolm Ross, Jim Walker, Jason Bookheimer, Mary Ross
Program/Poster: Lydia Mong
Box Office/Concessions: Tabatha Bookheimer